Welcome to Lillvikens Guesthouse and cabins



Övre Lillviken lies 50 km northwest of Strömsund along the “Wildernessroad” (Vildmarksvägen) on the(342) with the lake “Flåsjön”.  It is located on a quiet gravel road for those who like the silence and tranquility of the Scandinavian forest.

We are ± 80m above the lake on the hillside with a fabulous view over the valley and  the lake. 



The guest house has a living room with wood stove, dining room, kitchen, shower, toilet with dryer for shoes and gloves.

On the first floor are three bedrooms (6 beds in total).

We also have two smaller cabins, one with three beds and one with two.

The cabins has access to the service building with shower, toilet and fully equipped kitchen.


Smallgamehunting on ±32.000 hectares from S.C.A (woodcompany).

Lillviken – Harrsjön – Harrsjön2 – Risede – Siljeåsen – Svanliden

Daycards can be bought online with S.C.A. (if you do not have internet yourself daycards can be bought via our internetconnection).

Max 2 pers. per area/per day.

Game: hare,  grouse(tjader, orre), fox(räv), etc..

For the hunter which want to train a young dog, this area i wolf free.



Fishingcards can be bought with us for the whole Flåsjöns fiskeområde, this includes the 40 km long lake and all the rivers and streams that connect to it.

The fishspecies which can be caught are:

Pike, Char, Grayling,White fish, Perch








On the road,  more than 300 km great cykling on the Wildernessroad with an beautiful nature and a good cyklingroad.

Offroadcykling there are good gravelroads for several hunderts of km within the Wildernessroad. 


Walking, hiking

In the area  of the Widernessroad  there are some hikingtrails wich are well marked and maps are available from all the turistburos in the area.




Can be done here in the winter when the ice is thick enough, icedrill and special fishinggear can be rented and icefishinginstuction can be given.




There are several hundreds of km scooter tracks across the area of

 the Wildernessroad and Southern-Lappland
Snowscooters and equipment can be rented from specialised companies.

The snowscooter paths are well maintained and signposted, in the woods by the lokal snowscooter clubs and in the mountains by the county.


Local area

This area (Northern Jámtland, South Lappland) is sparcely populated (±1,5 persons per square km).

The woods are extensive and very quiet. If you want to relax and enjoy nature this  is the place to be. The wildlife is diverse and everywhere present. 

A short list of the wildlife:

Bear (densest population of bears in Europe, but because they are so shy it is very difficult to see one)



Fox (normal red and mountain white in winter)

Marten (all sub species)

Reindeer (semi wild)


Deer (several sub species)

Hare (scandinavian woodhare white in winter)


Grouse (woods 3 species, mountain 2 species 



Pris   (per person per night)

Guest house  –  500 skr. p.p.n. (min. 4 pers)

Cabin 3 beds – 400 skr. p.p.n

Cabin 2 beds – 400 skr. p.p.n


Per full week (7 nights) or longer

Guest house 6 beds  –   6500 skr. weekly

Cabin 3 beds            –  5000 skr.  weekly

Cabin 2 beds            –  4200 skr.  weekly


Including bed linen and final cleaning




Touristburo>         http://www.stromsund.se/425.html

Vildmarksvägen>  http://www.wildernessroad.eu/index.html

Huntingcards>     http://www.scajaktochfiske.com/

Pictures>               https://www.lillviken.eu/page/fotoalbum               


 Willem and Gea Blaauw

Övre Lillviken 160 

83396 Strömsund

E-mail: geablaauw@hotmail.com

Tel.; 0046700972828